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What is an eTA ?

An eTA is an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) it is an entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals travelling to Sri Lanka by air or boat/vessel.

Who We are

We are committed to providing the best and most efficient eTA Application processing service available online. Our expert travel consultants will guide you through the whole process and carefully review all the information submitted, in order to help you avoid mistakes and save you the time and stress of trying to navigate the complexities of submitting a eTA application on your own. Moreover, in case of application rejection, the entire cost of the application is refunded, included the Government processing fees. are a private company and not affiliated to the Sri Lanka government or any government body. We act as agents for your eTA application. We abide by the Data protection Act and all data you provide will be solely used for your application.

Additional Benefits

Advanced Technology

“Use our services and we make available many benefits, some of which include e-mail confirmation, 24/7 customer support and comprehensive application verification.”

24 Hours Service:

“Our team of experts are available at all times to provide you with support via live chat, phone calls and email messages.”

Expert Staff

“ We employ eTA processing experts. Our well-versed customer support executives are trained to answer any and all queries you might have regarding to your Sri Lankan eTA application.”

Our service is not connected to or affiliated with the Sri lankan Government